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Last month I was on holiday in Ireland with my mum and dad. One day, we were driving through a small village. It was time for lunch, so we stopped at a restaurant .It was a large , old builiding. We looked through the window. There were lots of people in the restaurant. They were eating , drinking and chatting . A musician was playing the violin. But there was something strange about the people . They weren’t wearing normal , modern clothes. They were wearing hats, jackets and dresses from another century . We couldn’t understand it. But we were hungry , so we opened the door .When we went into the restaurant, everything was different. The people were wearing normal clothes. The musician wasn’t there- the music was on CD. It was a very strange experience !
2- Now copy these questions in a new file and answer them .
1- Who was Daniel on holiday with ?
Daniel was with her parents.
2- Why did they stop at a restaurant ?
because they were hungry
3- What were the people in the restaurant doing ?
They are eating and drinking.
4- What instrument was the musician playing ? violin
5- What was strange about their clothes? they weer wearing old century clothes
6- When they went into the restaurant, did they see the musician . No, they did not see musician.